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I love how the keys you play with are literally S W O L. This game is fun btw.

Hey it's pretty fun. One thing I noticed when playing, I got kinda confused when he starts leaning one way or the other. I think it has to do with the big red stop circle that appears on either the S or the L. I kept feeling like I was suppose to hit the opposite to correct really quick, but that just made the guy completely fall to that side. What I found worked was just hitting the W or the O more depending on which way he was leaning so maybe instead of, or maybe in addition to, the big red stop sign you could flash a green circle around the W or O depending on which would help stabilize the guy. Idk, just a thought. Again, I thought it was pretty fun lol.

I really loved this game! It felt like a more... fair QWOP? Thank you for making this, look forward to future updates.

seem legit

It seems like it's mostly there, just not quite. Some things are just kinda confusing, like the circles. It doesn't feel like they're actually tracking anything, when I hit them perfectly, they don't move sometimes, and other times they'll move when I'm nowhere close to them. There also seems to be a problem and continuous complaint that the character just wants to lean to the right. Not exactly sure what's up with that and when he winds up going fully verticle with the weights, it's nearly impossible to get him back up. Made a video, hope you enjoy! 


Hi Cyberwolf. Thanks for your feedback! I've just updated a new version with a tutorial that changed the way the character sways from side to side so hopefully that helps with leaning to one side over and over. Currently both targets need to be hit at the same time, requiring the character to be upright and centered. In the next version I will add some feedback to make that work better and give feedback. Thanks and I appreciate the video and the patience through it all! Awesome, very much appreciated.

So difficult! Pressing all the buttons at once with a heavy bar-bell is defiantly guy job!

I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do. Whenever I press something in the game the dumb bell just starts going lower and lower until his hands get ripped off and no matter what buttons I press it still doesn't do anything.

You are suppoposed to press the S W O L buttons right ?

Yeah, same. No matter which of the SWOL keys I press, the character always leans to the left and ends up with their arms ripped off.

There definitely needs to be some clearer instructions. Why does pressing a key suddenly make most of the on-screen keys have a red cross over them? What's with the two circles that move downwards then keep flashing purple and green?


Hi NatSpectrum, Pishenden, I've added a new tutorial for the game that should help with some of the confusion. I've also changed the difficulty scale so it starts off more playable (it was impossible for new players!). Thanks so much for your feedback!

Awesome! The game is much easier to understand now. Managed to get 10 reps!

it will not let me press the keys to join

Thank you for letting me know! Please try clicking on the game window before pressing any of the keys: S W O L and see if that works.

If not, I have uploaded a Windows and Mac downloadable for you. Thanks again.